“ ‘Fear not, till Birnam wood do come to Dunsinane’; and now a wind farm comes towards Dunsinane.  Arm, arm and out!”

Hill Fort infoView from Dunsinane towards Southtown

The following comments portray the arguments various sources are making against the wind farm development.  BCCG are publishing them to counter the "Pro" propaganda distributed by the developer and the fact that Banks have refused to attend meetings where the counter arguments can be made.  BCCG have used their best endeavours to check the sources but cannot be held liable for the accuracy of these statements and encourage readers to make their own research.
Some facts that may interest you:
' Down and Out in London!'  The landowners live in London and will have the joy of spending their share of a fat profit margin on an income of some £168million  over the 25year life span of the turbines whilst not ever having to see them.  We who live here however will be blighted by the noise and scale of their presence on a constant basis
'Bribery and Coercion '  The landowners and Banks Renewables have been exposed by the press for making large payments to local householders not to complain about noise etc to the council and in some cases allegedly repossessing homes to prevent objection.  These payments are termed "compensation" by Banks but others might call them "bribes".  A modern version of the clearances -turbines instead of sheep replacing people!
'Destroying the Gateway to the Highlands'  The scale of these turbines (132 metres!) is out of all proportion to the Sidlaws whose silhouette they will destroy and dominate They will be some of the tallest ever in the UK and will dwarf these graceful low lying hills, forever vandalising the prospect of Perthshire for visitors from the south. The gateway to the Highlands will be overshadowed by turning turbines -industrialising a once rural idyll. 
'Destroying livelihoods'  Scottish tourism in the area is already anticipated to suffer destroying a vital local industry which employs a lot more people than the turbines ever will.
'Turning towers to Dunsinane'  Macbeths hill fort will be violated by the presence of these turbines ,blotting the landscape to the west of Dunsinane and forever destroying this important Scottish heritage site.
SNP ministers above the rule of law?’.  SNP ministers decided to ignore a ruling by one of Scotland’s most senior judges that threatens the spread of wind farms because they consider turbines to be in the “national interest”!  The Scottish Government has confirmed ministers will continue granting planning permission for large wind farms that do not have a licence to generate electricity from the industry regulator.  This is despite Lady Clark of Calton issuing a Court of Session opinion in October 2013 stating that developers require such a licence for a wind farm to be legal under the Electricity Act 1989.
'Spin about jobs'  Trying to justify subsidies on the basis of jobs created is all hot air!   In Scotland which has over 200 wind farms, just 2,235 people are directly employed to work on them despite an annual subsidy of £344 million.  That works out at £154,000 per job!  The promise of future jobs is dependent on the building of large-scale wind farms at sea and the factories in Britain to manufacture the turbines, which are currently almost all built abroad. 
‘Soaring household energy bills’.  The average household energy bill in Scotland could rocket from £1,400 a year now to around £3,500 in a decades time.  These prices are expected to come as a result of costly upgrades to the National Grid as well as to the ever-increasing subsidies handed out to wind farm developers.
Money buys influence’.  The lobby group for the turbine industry was able to influence the wording of a report produced for the UK Government on how noise from wind farms should be measured.  RenewableUK “raised concerns” with the Department of Energy and Climate Change over independent guidance produced by the Institute of Acoustics which resulted in changes being made.   For more on noise see ‘Wind farm noise: Why is no one listening?’ 
You pay for wind farm subsidies’.  Subsidies for all wind farms are paid for through levies on consumer energy bills.  Under the new subsidy system, companies will be guaranteed payments - several times higher than the current electricity price - for any power they produce for 15 years. 
‘The Number of planned new onshore wind farms has doubled since 2011’.   Record numbers of onshore wind farms have been approved for construction this year as power companies cash in on hundreds of millions of pounds in subsidies. 
‘Cut in subsidies will not impact wind farm numbers’.  A reduction in onshore wind farm subsidies looks set to make very little difference to the number of turbines.  The cut is so minimal it will make little difference.  Wind farm developers will still be guaranteed £95/mw, down from £100.  Avaricious wind farm speculators are unlikely to be deterred by a 5% cut in subsidies that will not impact until 2015.
‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’.  This refers to refers to an alleged medical disorder where people who live near turbines suffer from symptoms like tinnitus and migraines.  The name was coined by Dr Nina Pierpont, who wrote a controversial book on the subject advocating against the use of wind energy.  Fact or fiction?  Fiction according to the renewables industry, but there is evidence to prove that this may not be the case.  According to an article published in the Journal of Laryngology & Otology, “The effects of infrasound and low frequency noise require further investigation.
For FAQs on Wind Energy visit the Scotland Against Spin website 
Sources:  Struan Stevenson MEP, the Courier, the Daily Mail,  the Daily Telegraph, Scotland Against Spin, Berwickshire News, The Journal of Laryngology & Otology, The Scientific Alliance
As further information on this planned development becomes available we will update this site and provide details of how to make representations to Perth and Kinross Council on the planning application.
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