Braes of the Carse Conservation Group


Dear Member                                                         4th February 2014


                                            Bandirran Wind Farm


We now understand that Banks submitted their revised planning application last week and it is probable that P&K will publish it very shortly. The period for comments from interested parties starts at publication and could be as short as 21 days although at least two Community Councils intend to request extra time.

Those of you who attended our AGM in November will recall that the 60 or so people who attended were unanimously against the planned development. Your committee therefore feel that they have a mandate to object to the planning application on behalf of the Braes of the Carse Conservation Group.

We also intend to encourage members and others to submit individual objections.

Our objective over the period for representations to the planning application is to get as many valid objections as possible submitted on time, in addition to the Group objection.

We are updating our web site to include general information on wind farms and links to other organizations and sources of information. There will shortly be a page of guidance on how to make an objection and the grounds under planning law which are valid. We will also publish the timetable which P&K are working to and in particular the cut off date.

We are preparing press releases and an entry for the spring edition of the  Inchture Newsletter .

In conclusion, I would ask all of you who are against this development to watch our web site to access information and we will keep it up to date with more data as it becomes available.

Please bring the site to the attention of others and do what you can at this stage to activate objectors.


We are up against a very professional and powerful developer but every objector will count in the planning decision.


                         Yours ,


                             Malcolm McSwan

                                Chairman, BCCG