With a choice of venues and teaching –

  • Practical Training: 1 or 2 days in Fife - SATURDAY, 24th and SUNDAY, 25th NOVEMBER 2012 – Lochore Meadows Country Park

  • Demonstration with practical training:  1 day in Angus –

MONDAY, 26th NOVEMBER – Brechin

No previous knowledge will be assumed! If you are a complete beginner, the two day weekend course is recommended so that there is plenty of time to practice.  The event will be led by Guy Robins, Runner Up in the National Hedgelaying Championships 2012.


LOCHORE MEADOWS COUNTRY PARK, CROSSHILL, FIFE (accessed via the M90 near Kinross)



£20 either day, or £35 for both days

Directions and where to meet will be sent on confirmation

Time of arrival (both days)

  • 9.00am

Tasks – we will carry out all stages of laying a hedge in the Midland Style; dress the hedge, cut the main stem and lay over, stake and tie in with hazel winders.

Time of departure

  • Nightfall, i.e. c4.00pm

What to wear - warm outdoor clothes, hat and sturdy footwear: we will work even if it’s raining!

What to bring:

  • Please bring your own packed lunch and bottled water

We will provide:

  • refreshments throughout the day (tea, coffee)
  • All tools, including gloves

Toilet facilities will be available at the Visitor Centre, a short drive away; the café should still be open when we depart.


BRECHIN – FIELD OPPOSITE THE BRECHIN CASTLE CENTRE (accessed via the A90 at Haughmuir, Brechin)


£15 for the day

Directions and where to meet will be sent on confirmation

Time of arrival

  • 9.30am

Tasks – we will demonstrate all stages of laying a hedge in the Midland Style; dressing the hedge, cutting the main stem and laying over, staking and tying in with hazel winders.  Joining in and practising all this will be an essential part of the day.

Time of departure

  • Nightfall, i.e. c4.00pm

What to wear - warm outdoor clothes, hat and sturdy footwear – we will work even if it’s raining!

What to bring:

  • Please bring your own packed lunch and bottled water


We will provide:

  • refreshments throughout the day (tea, coffee)
  • All tools, including gloves

Toilet facilities will be available in the Brechin Castle Centre nearby; the café should still be open when we depart.

The low cost of this training is only possible because

of grant aid from Forestry Commission Scotland (Perth & Argyll Conservancy)


This training is open to anyone who would like to find out more about Hedgelaying and we will assume you are a complete beginner.  If you have some experience of Hedgelaying, please let us know and we will adapt accordingly.

Places are limited and will be allocated ‘first come, first served’, so please return the completed form as soon as possible to secure your booking.

Booking Deadline – 17th November 2012

If possible, please e-mail the form direct as soon as possible to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then post a copy, with payment, to: Catherine Lloyd, Tayside Biodiversity Partnership, c/o Perth & Kinross Council, Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5GD.

If you would prefer to be invoiced, please ask.



Organisation (if relevant)








  • Tel. No.
  • Mobile Tel. in case of emergency


Fee Enclosed: £

Please state which day(s) you will be attending:

Sat 24th / Sun 25th November – (Fife) £20 per day or £35 for both days

Mon 26th November – (Angus) £15 for the day

Please do not send cash; if possible send a cheque made payable to “Perth & Kinross Council” which administers the Tayside Biodiversity Partnership’s budget; all monies will be credited direct to the Partnership.  Alternatively, if you prefer, an invoice can be sent.

Medical emergency contact/ any relevant conditions / requirements


Lunch and Refreshments

Please bring your own snack and bottled water.  We will provide tea and coffee for all the refreshment breaks.

Travel Arrangements

  • I can offer a lift from (please state):
  • I would consider the offer of a lift from (please state):

Braes of the Carse Conservation Group

Nest box Project



As you will know BCCG has been awarded a grant from PKC’s Quality of Life Trust to fund the purchase of nest boxes. This grant had two objectives, firstly to introduce members of BCCG to the pleasures of having nesting birds in their garden and to the valuable scientific data that can be obtained from a nest box and secondly to provide nesting sites for some of the bird species that occur in this area but that are in decline. The species that we are targeting include Tree Sparrows and Spotted Flycatcher.  The Tree Sparrow is globally threatened; the UK population has crashed spectacularly in recent years, but is showing a slow recent recovery.  Spotted Flycatchers have declined rapidly and consistently since the 1960s. Both of these species are in the highest category of concern and are on the so called “Red List;”, and it was birds in this category that the grant was given to provide nest boxes for.


The number of nest boxes that will be going to individuals will have to be limited to ensure that both objectives of the grant can be satisfied, so get your bid in early!  The nest boxes will be high quality and available to members at the much discounted price of £5.   The rest of the boxes will be positioned around the BCCG area to gain the maximum benefit for the species that we are targeting.


Both parts of the project will provide an opportunity for you to be involved. Those who have a box in the garden will be asked to visit it regularly over the nesting season and to provide feedback on progress about the nest. The other nest boxes will also need to be visited and information gathered, so we will be looking for volunteers to visit these nest boxes. We need the feedback for two reasons; first it will be used in the report back to the Quality of Life Trust to demonstrate that we have been using the money in the way that we stated in our application. Secondly the data will be sent into the British Trust for Ornithology, Nest Recording Scheme (NRS for short). The NRS which started in the 1940’s and now has over 1.25 million nest record histories from a total of 232 species. Each year around 30,000 new nest records are submitted, from about 160-170 species. This vast data base of nest records is used by many people; for example it is one source that is used to provide evidence to Governments UK and world wide in formulating conservation policy. The data base was used in the 1960’s in the study of the impact of pesticide use, and is a very important source of data today in looking at the influence of global warming.


Nest box recording is fun, you learn a lot and it is not hard to do.


If you would like to become involved, just come along to Abernyte Glebe on:


Sunday February 26th at 2pm.


Please park in the Abernyte Church car park. The Glebe is a short walk along the road back towards Abernyte.  If you are interested but cannot make that date let us know and we will find a date that you can make!


As part of the event you can take away some BTO literature to help you in your nest recording, and you can practise visiting nest boxes and making nest records. You will also see ways to put up a nest box that will make it attractive to a pair of birds.


If you are interested in buying a nest box or have any questions then please contact me, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone me on 01828 686709. If you do not get an answer (I may be out nest recording!) then please leave a message, not forgetting your number so I can phone you back.


Barry Caudwell

Braes of the Carse Conservation Group

Whilst much of our work to date has related to planning and development matters protection and enhancement of our local environment is a priority for many of our members.  We are therefore delighted to let you know that we now have final approval for funding from PKC’s Quality of Life Trust for not just one, but three different projects.


The projects are in their early stages and we hope they will become pilot projects for the Tay Landscape Partnership Scheme so that we can maximise their benefit.

The aim of the first project is to provide nest boxes, particularly for UK BAP priority bird species such as barn owl, tree and house sparrow, spotted flycatcher to try to encourage their breeding.  Some species have declined due to conversion of steadings into housing and the loss of mature trees with nest holes and other habitats.  Boxes would be sited in appropriate locations and group members would feed back information on the use of the boxes.  A number of high quality bird boxes will also be available to purchase by members at a discounted price.

The intention of the second project is to start to restore some of the old field boundaries and tree lines by carrying out planting of native trees.  This will require the support of local landowners and farmers and the assistance of members in the actual planting of the trees.

The third project aims to re-establish traditional varieties of fruit trees in the local area.  The intention is to plant a number of small groups of orchard trees to increase awareness and involvement of local people in the Carse of Gowrie Historic Orchard Project. Traditional orchards are also a haven for biodiversity, encouraging a wide range of bees and other insects and over time encouraging lichens, mosses etc and eventually providing nest sites for birds and bats.  The intention is that the trees will be planted in publicly accessible place and maintained by group members.  Suggestions are welcome for suitable sites for fruit trees.

We will soon be looking for volunteers to help in all three projects and if you would like to become involved in any capacity at all or purchase a bird box please let our Secretary Marilyn know.


We held our 2nd AGM on 26th October at Annat Hall, Rait.  We were lucky enough to have Paul McLennan, Trust Manager of the Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust, speak to us about the Tay Landscape Partnership Scheme and how it might benefit our area.  Two full time development officers have just been appointed and it was clear from Paul’s talk that there would be plenty of opportunity for BCCG and its members to become involved and that the level of potential Lottery funding could make a significant difference to the whole of the Carse.


Eddie Anderson stepped down as Chair at the AGM after two years in post (although he has not escaped from the committee!)  He was instrumental in setting up BCCG in 2009 and has spent many hours supporting the Group and in particular the fight against the Myreside development.  We thank him for everything he has done over the past two years and wish his successor, Alison Ramsay, who takes over as Chair all the best.


For further information about joining BCCG please contact our Secretary,

Marilyn Webb 01821 670374

or apply direct on our website

New members, whether living in the Braes area or not, are always welcome.