Braes of the Carse Conservation Group

Since the last newsletter went out to you we have been busy in 4 main areas.

  1. Myreside Steading, Pitroddie – at the time of writing we are still awaiting the decision of the Scottish Government Reporter in connection with the appeal against Perth & Kinross Council’s decision to refuse the planning application for 8 new houses.  You may recall that last year the Council unanimously refused the application after representations were put to them that there were serious flooding and drainage issues with the site and that the farm building was not genuinely “redundant”.  Members of BCCG attended the site meeting with the Reporter which eventually took place on 12th January after previous postponements due to the bad weather.  Unfortunately the snow thaw only took place a few days later so the Reporter was unable to witness first hand the extent of the flooding that regularly affects that area.  We will let you know the Reporter’s decision in the next newsletter.
  2. Response to PKC Main Issues Report – the MIR was to stimulate discussion and encourage views on what policy and development options could be included in the Proposed Local Development Plan, which is due to be published in December 2011.  We submitted a detailed response to the MIR on behalf of our members.  (A copy of the full response can be seen on our website.)  Valuable feedback was obtained from the local community and incorporated in the response which covered many matters including the protection of agricultural land, enhancement of biodiversity and the protection of our historic orchards, Housing in the Countryside policy, extent of the proposed Perth Green Belt and protection of landscape,  flooding and climate change.  We also addressed some important factual inaccuracies in the initial assessments carried out by Council officers on the submissions for potential development sites within the BCCG area.  

It is reassuring to note though that at this point, in line with the TAYPlan preferred spatial strategy, development in the Carse of Gowrie is not part PKC’s preferred strategy which focuses most development in the Perth core area and none of the submissions relating to the BCCG area (and only limited further development at Inchture and Grange) are recommended for inclusion in the Local Development Plan.

  1. A biodiversity meeting was held on 3rd February to discuss what information is already available on habitats and species and what surveys we might want to do.  Members are also discussing possible projects/events we may be able to set up to enhance the biodiversity of the Braes and raise awareness.  We are lucky to have so many knowledgeable people living in the area with expertise ranging from birds, insects and mammals to wild flowers and trees and we are now planning how best to use their expertise to enhance our local environment.  There is likely to be a bird nest box project starting shortly.
  2. We are attending the PKC Adapting to Climate Change panel meetings at the Inchture Hotel.  Flooding is already such an extensive problem in the Carse and climate change will only make matters worse. We will report further in the next newsletter.

For further information about joining BCCG please contact our Secretary,

Marilyn Webb 01821 670374

or apply direct on our website

New members, whether living in the Braes area or not, are always welcome.