Category: Local Development Plan

Following the meeting regarding the Rait Conservation Area these are the two documents referred to. These are obviously mainly of concern to those who live in Rait, but may also be of wider interest to members. The PKC are wanting comments as they are carrying out an Appraisal on the Rait Conservation Area and are keen to get the views of the locals. Alison, plus a number of others, attended the public exhibition at Annat Hall and were told that PKC are more likely to take action regarding any issues if there is a good response from the community, so the more people that send feedback the better. BCCG are also wanting to put in a response from its membership.

 Please do get your comments to PKC before the deadline of the 14 May, and if you would like BCCG to put together a response from it's members please get your comments to Marilyn Webb This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the 7 May in order to give BCCG time to prepare a response. 

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