New System for Development Plans
The new system of Development Planning has already started under the Town and Country Planning (Development Planning) (Scotland) Regulations 2008. This will replace the current Development Plan system of Structure Plans and Local Plans, although these will remain in use until new Plans are adopted under the new system.
The new Development Plan system for Perth and Kinross will consist of two tiers of Plans:
A Strategic Development Plan ('TAYplan') jointly prepared by Perth and Kinross, Dundee, Angus and Fife Councils. Work has started on the Plan and the Strategic Development Plan Scheme has been published.
The TAYplan team sought the public’s views on what they considered to be the cross boundary issues to be addressed by the plan. The consultation ran from 10 August 2009 and lasted 6 weeks, ending on 18 September 2009.
A single Local Development Plan to cover all of Perth and Kinross. The process is explained in the 'Local Development Plan Scheme' which includes the Council's participation statement and timetable. Submissions were sought to help in the preparation of the Main Issues Report.
Relevant Submissions to PKC in connection with Local Development Plan
There are five hamlets within the Braes of the Carse Conservation Group area potentially affected by the seven submissions submitted to PKC for consideration in the Main Issues Report being prepared in connection with the Local Development Plan.  From East to West these are:
(3 different submissions)
Any of these submissions, if eventually adopted as part of PKC’s Local Development Plan, could potentially have a huge effect on the environment and community of the hamlet.