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Response to TAYPlan Proposed Strategic Development Plan

TAYPlan considers the big changes that will shape the next 20 years of our lives across Dundee City, Angus, Perth & Kinross and North Fife.  It identifies where new development should and should not go and provides an area wide strategy for future development
BCCG sought your views on the TAYPlan Main Issue Report and we responded (as well as to the more recent Perth & Kinross Council MIR) putting forward your agreement to their proposed strategy which focussed development in the main settlements of Perth and Dundee and discouraged major development in the Carse.  This link gives our detailed response   . are pleased to report that the Proposed Plan follows the preferred strategy of the TAYPlan MIR. 
This link is to the Proposed Plan the assumption that the majority of our members agreed with our initial response we would intend to respond favourably to the Proposed Plan endorsing its recommendations.  If you think there are any particular points we should be raising or indeed if you disagree with the Proposed Plan please let us know. 



Representations to the Proposed Plan can be made from 6th June to 1st August 2011 and there is a public information event at Bell’s Sports Centre in Perth on 27th June 2011.