Braes of the Carse Conservation Group

Nest box Project



As you will know BCCG has been awarded a grant from PKC’s Quality of Life Trust to fund the purchase of nest boxes. This grant had two objectives, firstly to introduce members of BCCG to the pleasures of having nesting birds in their garden and to the valuable scientific data that can be obtained from a nest box and secondly to provide nesting sites for some of the bird species that occur in this area but that are in decline. The species that we are targeting include Tree Sparrows and Spotted Flycatcher.  The Tree Sparrow is globally threatened; the UK population has crashed spectacularly in recent years, but is showing a slow recent recovery.  Spotted Flycatchers have declined rapidly and consistently since the 1960s. Both of these species are in the highest category of concern and are on the so called “Red List;”, and it was birds in this category that the grant was given to provide nest boxes for.


The number of nest boxes that will be going to individuals will have to be limited to ensure that both objectives of the grant can be satisfied, so get your bid in early!  The nest boxes will be high quality and available to members at the much discounted price of £5.   The rest of the boxes will be positioned around the BCCG area to gain the maximum benefit for the species that we are targeting.


Both parts of the project will provide an opportunity for you to be involved. Those who have a box in the garden will be asked to visit it regularly over the nesting season and to provide feedback on progress about the nest. The other nest boxes will also need to be visited and information gathered, so we will be looking for volunteers to visit these nest boxes. We need the feedback for two reasons; first it will be used in the report back to the Quality of Life Trust to demonstrate that we have been using the money in the way that we stated in our application. Secondly the data will be sent into the British Trust for Ornithology, Nest Recording Scheme (NRS for short). The NRS which started in the 1940’s and now has over 1.25 million nest record histories from a total of 232 species. Each year around 30,000 new nest records are submitted, from about 160-170 species. This vast data base of nest records is used by many people; for example it is one source that is used to provide evidence to Governments UK and world wide in formulating conservation policy. The data base was used in the 1960’s in the study of the impact of pesticide use, and is a very important source of data today in looking at the influence of global warming.


Nest box recording is fun, you learn a lot and it is not hard to do.


If you would like to become involved, just come along to Abernyte Glebe on:


Sunday February 26th at 2pm.


Please park in the Abernyte Church car park. The Glebe is a short walk along the road back towards Abernyte.  If you are interested but cannot make that date let us know and we will find a date that you can make!


As part of the event you can take away some BTO literature to help you in your nest recording, and you can practise visiting nest boxes and making nest records. You will also see ways to put up a nest box that will make it attractive to a pair of birds.


If you are interested in buying a nest box or have any questions then please contact me, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone me on 01828 686709. If you do not get an answer (I may be out nest recording!) then please leave a message, not forgetting your number so I can phone you back.


Barry Caudwell