Thursday 21st November at Rait Hall

7.30pm till 9.00pm

In addition to the usual brief AGM business we have two excellent speakers  -

·         Ken Neil of Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels who will tell us how we can all help to protect and encourage our native red squirrels


·         Graham Lang of Scotland Against Spin who will be talking about windfarms in Scotland and the problems associated with them – a chance to hear the other side of the wind turbine debate and of particular relevance with the proposed planning application for the Bandirran windfarm.


There will also be a chance to have a cuppa and a chat at 9pm after the AGM and the speakers – so please do come along (BCCG members AND non members are very welcome) and support your local conservation group and also catch up with the speakers




Perth and Kinross planning authority gave the following decision on this application on 9.9.2013.
Application Number: 13/01230/FLL
I am directed by the Planning Authority under the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Acts currently in force, to refuse your application registered on 8th July 2013 for permission for Erection of wind turbine and ancillary works Land 700 Metres South Of Glenbran Farm Abernyte for the reasons undernoted.  
Development Quality Manager
Reasons for Refusal
1.  As the proposed turbine will have a significant adverse impact on the visual amenity of the area, which is presently enjoyed by a host of receptors including (but not exclusively) visiting recreational users, the proposal is contrary to Policy 1 of the Perth Area Local Plan 1995 (Incorporating Alteration No1, Housing Land 2000), which seeks to protect existing (visual) amenity from new developments within the landward area from inappropriate developments.
2.  As the proposal will have a detrimental impact on the landscape associated with Kings Seat, the proposal is contrary to Policy 1 of the Perth Area Local Plan 1995 (Incorporating Alteration No1, Housing Land 2000), which seeks to ensure that new developments do not cause unacceptable environmental impact.
The proposal is not in accordance with the Development Plan and there are no material reasons which merit approval of the planning application.

An application has been submitted to Perth and Kinross Council proposing the erection of a wind turbine south of Glenbran and adjacent to Balloleys wood.  The application can be viewed here: