Braes of the Carse Conservation Group


Since the last newsletter we have made continued to make good progress with our biodiversity projects.

Restoring Tree Lines.  There has been no more tree planting since the Spring edition of the newsletter but we are now looking for more sites so that planting can start again in the autumn.

Orchard planting.  Again, there has been no further planting since the spring and we are keen to locate further sites for bare root planting of local varieties of apple, pear and plum in the autumn.

Bird nest boxes.  Results continue to be logged and returned to the British Trust for Ornithology for our bird boxes that were sited this spring.  The adverse weather has adversely affected breeding this year but our boxes have still been well used by a wide variety of species.  Barry Caudwell has collated results and has worked tirelessly ringing as many of our fledglings as possible.


There is no further news at this stage about the Local Development Plan.  TAYPlan, however,( the strategic plan for the larger area of which Perth and the Carse forms a part) has now been approved by the Scottish Government and it focuses future development on the centres of Perth and Dundee and NOT in the Carse of Gowrie.


We told you on the last newsletter that we were hoping to secure a “share” in a part time project officer’s time.  Our hope was that this would avoid wasteful duplication of work between us, the Carse of Gowrie Group and the recently formed Sustainability Group and bring the three groups closer together.   Andrea Partridge who had previously done some excellent work with the Historic Orchard Forum has recently been appointed and we will be working with her to develop suitable projects for the Tay Landscape Partnership (TLP) funding. 


In connection with the TLP we have attended a couple of meetings of the Working Group for Living Landscapes and also Landscape Character Assessment discussion groups to make sure that those who are involved in selecting projects for funding are aware of the importance of, and opportunities in, the Braes of the Carse area.   It is still early days, but a scheme to create a network of wildlife corridors from the Tay to the hills (Tay to Braes Wildlife Ways), seems to have general support from other local groups in that it might involve orchards, tree lines, paths, bird boxes, road verge and water course management, planting for bees, insects and small mammals etc. 


We held a public meeting in Errol in July about Swifts.  Inside the Community Hall we learnt all about these beautiful birds and their habits from Barry and Daniele Muir, a PKC Ranger, and then we went outside for a walk around the village where, despite the wet weather, we spotted several swifts…and were then able to distinguish them with confidence from swallows and house martins!  The importance of providing suitable nesting sites for these increasingly threatened summer visitors and the planners taking swifts into consideration when old buildings are demolished is clear. 


For further information about volunteering for any of our projects or joining BCCG please contact our Secretary, Marilyn Webb 01821 670374

or apply direct on our website

New members, whether living in the Braes area or not, are always welcome.