Braes of the Carse Conservation Group

There is not much to report since the last newsletter in relation to the PKC Local Development Plan.  The Proposed Plan as amended and with any unresolved issues has now been remitted by PKC to a government Reporter for the next stage in the process.  It won’t be until later this year that we will hear anything further.


With regard to specific local planning issues the Myreside, Pitroddie saga rumbles on! In December the amended application for eight houses at Myreside, Pitroddie went to the PKC Development Control Committee for consideration with a recommendation for approval by the planners.  As with the previous applications the public gallery was filled with local residents and group members opposing this development and the case against the, albeit reduced, development was ably put by Marilyn Webb and Douglas Allan.  As Carse residents are well aware flooding is becoming an increasingly important issue but we are struggling to make this point when SEPA will now not object outright to the proposal.  The planners recommended approval of the development provided crucial landscaping could be put in place….but to do this, we argue, would be incompatible with the conditions SEPA propose attaching to the grant of permission to build.  A classic Catch 22 situation.

A number of councillors agreed with the concerns raised although others felt that the flooding issue had already been satisfactorily dealt with by SEPA and the Council’s own flooding officer.  The upshot of the meeting was a deferral of a decision until further investigation of the potential flooding issue was carried out.  It was interesting to note that just a week or so after the meeting the Pitroddie road was impassable with flood water!  

A new planning issue has recently raised its head that is likely to stir up considerable local feeling not only in the Braes but also over a much larger area.  An application has just been lodged with PKC for an 80m test mast on the Bandirran estate.  The developer’s, Banks Renewables, want to erect up to 8 turbines each 135metres high (taller even than those at Griffin Forest, Aberfeldy) on the estate.  The developers are now starting a consultation process with local residents, Community Councils and groups.  We intend to engage with affected community councils and will seek the views of our members once further details are known about the proposal.  A key question is obviously the extent of the area from which the turbines would be visible as well as the effect they would have on the land and residents closeby the turbines.

This is likely to be a high profile and controversial matter and we will take account of and then put forward the views of our members once more details become known.


We have supported an application by a local resident and BCCG member for a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) to be put on mature trees at Westown.   As Westown does not have Conservation status there is no general protection for the trees in the village.   Four mature trees have recently been felled and as thetrees contribute to the character and amenity of the village there was understandable concern that further felling would prejudice the setting of the village.  Inchture Community Council have also supported this request. The matter is presently being investigated by the PKC Conservation Officer. 

We have not yet heard if we have secured funding from the Tay Landscape Partnership (TLP) for our ambitious project called Tay to Braes Wildlife Ways.  A huge amount of work has been put into the application by Christine Hall and whilst we don’t want to count our chickens (or other types of birds that might be encouraged to live in the Braes by our project!) we are very hopeful that our request for funding will be successful.

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