Braes of the Carse Conservation Group


Those of you who have taken an interest in the long standing saga of the planning application at Myreside, Pitroddie will be interested to hear that finally the developer got his way and that, despite ongoing concerns expressed by local residents and some Councillors about flooding issues, SEPA’s assurances that flooding was not an issue proved decisive and the Council had no real option but to pass the application.  There are, however, more than thirty conditions attached to the grant of planning permission and we will be keeping a close eye on matters to make sure every single condition is adhered to!

As mentioned in the last newsletter a new planning issue had raised its head that we thought was likely to stir up considerable local feeling not only in the Braes but also over a much larger area.  We were not wrong!  As a precursor to an application for 8 wind turbines each 135metres high Banks Renewables had lodged with PKC an application for an 80m test mast on the Bandirran estate.  More than 20 letters from the public were lodged all objecting to the application, (many from BCCG members) and there was publicity in the local papers caused by the level of public interest.  The number of objections ensured that the application went to the Development Management Committee for a decision.  It was recommended for approval by the planning officer but he did stress in his report that his recommendation was in no way to be taken as a signal that he would approve any future application for wind turbines.  As we suspected would be the case the application for the test mast was approved.  We now await the application for the turbines themselves which will inevitably follow.  We will try to everyone fully informed and intend holding a public meeting at which local residents can air their views.  Representatives from Scotland Against Spin have also indicated they would speak at a meeting to share with us their experience of how to successfully defend such planning applications.  As we said before, this is likely to be a high profile and controversial matter and we intend to account of and then put forward the views of local residents and members once further details about the turbines themselves become known.


No decision has yet been reached by the PKC Conservation Officer as to whether the Westown trees are deserving of a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).  (As Westown does not have Conservation status there is no general protection for the trees in the village.)   Four mature trees have already been felled and it was felt by both us and the Community Council that that in itself was evidence that the remaining trees were under actual threat.  Council wheels turn slowly though.  We will keep chasing a decision on this.  

We are also still awaiting approval for our ambitious project called Tay to Braes Wildlife Ways under the Tay Landscape Partnership (TLP).  We are hopeful that we will finally have definite good news to report on this in the next newsletter. 

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