The BCCG is a small group of volunteers from villages along the Carse that seeks to protect and enhance the countryside and the distinctive character of the small villages along the Braes of the Carse for both residents and visitors.

Comment formally to Perth and Kinross Council regarding proposed individual developments and long-term plans for the area

The BCCG aims to protect the heritage, and the built and natural environment of the communities, by sharing information on proposed developments and conservation matters. It seeks the views of its members and then comments formally to Perth and Kinross Council on long term strategic and structural plans for the area. We also support our members on specific developments we feel are inappropriate or contentious. The BCCG particularly seeks to ensure that the Council planning officers rigorously apply the Housing in the Countryside policies when assessing planning applications.
In order for the group to represent the community fully, we aim to develop strong links with the relevant Community Councils and other groups with similar values.

Encourage Biodiversity Projects and support wildlife and plant initiatives

The Group aims to protect and help enhance the natural environment and communities by using its formal recognition to access grants and support for local countryside initiatives – Lorum Ipsum Barry

Arrange visiting speakers on issues of interest to our members

We arrange speakers on a range of topics to help inform and inspire members and residents of the Braes of the Carse. Past topics include historical buildings of interest, butterflies and moths, squirrels and ornithology.

Recognise appropriate new development with an annual award

We wish to encourage appropriate new housing or development in the Braes of the Carse and offer an annual award to recognise architectural design of new builds/modifications to existing buildings etc, that are complementary to the character and heritage of the area. If you would like to be considered for this award, or wish to nominate a recent development, please contact our secretary.

Provide a voice to PKC planning for individuals compromised by relationships with neighbours.

As development proposals can sometimes cause discomfort between near neighbours, family, or friends, the BCCG can take on the role of an impartial professional advocate to oppose or suggest alternatives to developments that the elected committee feel are inappropriate for the small villages.

The formal objectives of the BCCG per the Constitution are

  1. To protect, conserve and enhance the character and amenity of the environment and community of the Braes of the Carse with specific reference to the nature of the existing landscape, both constructed and natural.
  2. To ensure that the historical and environmental heritage of the area is protected and, where appropriate, enhanced.
  3. To ensure that any development is appropriate in all respects to its surroundings and that the character or appearance of any development should preserve or enhance the area.
  4. To ensure that any development is not to the detriment of local amenities, habitats and species of conservation value.
  5. To enhance opportunities for access and countryside recreation insofar as these are otherwise in accordance with the general objects.
  6. To make a positive contribution to the quality of life enjoyed by the present and future community in the Braes of the Carse.
  7. To work with all appropriate planning authorities to ensure that objectives 1 to 6 are adequately reflected in the plans for the Braes of the Carse and in the policies of these authorities.
  8. Encourage and participate in projects which help and enhance the wildlife and biodiversity of the Carse.